LV Switchgear & Motors

SIEMENS Switchgear & Motor Product Range
sim1.jpg   Air Circuit Breakers
The 3WN range of air circuit breakers is available for rated currents from 630 A to 6300A Advantages: compact in size and light in weight reduced heat losses for higher in panel ratings. fully modular construction Extensive range of visual and electrical signals as standard.
sim2.jpg   Control Switches
The switches can be supplied in open execution or in sheet steel enclosure. The switches are known for their versatile design, high making and breaking capacity, long mechanical and contact life and the many safety features that are provided.
sim3.jpg   Distribution Boards DBs
Distribution Board: Siemens Miniguard Distribution board provides and Commercial Applications. The Range offers a Choice of Incoming devices via Isolators, MCBs or RCCBs and a Choice of Enclosures from four way to twelve way in Single and Double Door Design.
sim4.jpg   Fuses
The Siemens low voltage HRC fuses of BS type design have been developed for industrial applications. Due to the special design, they give high rupturing capacity combined with low temperature rise under normal load conditions.
sim5.jpg   Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB
MCB: The Siemens Miniguard MCB Protects wires and Cables Automatically Against Overload and Short Circuit in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Installations. The 5 SQ2, 3 KA MCB is available in a Comprehensive range from 0.5 to 63 A in 1,2,3 and 4 Pole version.
sim6.jpg   Moulded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB
A circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and, by interrupting continuity, to immediately discontinue electrical flow
sim7.jpg   Powerguard Heavy Duty Fuse Switches
Benefits Wide range:Single source for, SDFs, open upto 800 A SDFs, in SS enclosure upto 630 A SDs, open upto 1600 A No movement of fuses Prevents loosening of fuses; hence reliable short circuit protection. Suitable for knife blade fuses Reduced down time for fuse inspection/replacement. Double break feature: Isolates the fuses at both the ends. Thus total protection to operating personnel.
sim8.jpg   Push Buttons and Limit Switches
The technical and descriptive information on the function, construction and selection of the new types of 3SE3 limit switches is presented here. These limit switches are actuated by straight edges, cams, stops or plates etc.
sim9.jpg   Relays
The bimetal overload relays type 3UA5/6 & 3UC5/6 relays are indigenously manufactured and bring to the users a whole range of benefits, which are a direct result of extensive R & D efforts in design, materials and manufacturing technology. They also incorporate additional features/benefits as a result of feedback from the users of our 3UA19 relays.
sim10.jpg   Siemens Contactors
The 4 pole contactors type 3RT13 and 3RT15 are specially designed to meet specific applications. These contactors are highly reliable, user friendly and meets the expectation of world class Siemens products. They conform to the latest IEC60947-4-1 standard and carry CE marking.
sim11.jpg   Siemens Sentron VL
The compact design of SENTRON VL family of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) coupled with their excellent features make things easier in the world of electrical distribution.
sim12.jpg   Siemens Switchgear 3KL-(200-800A)
A Quality Product from Mex Switchgears Pvt Ltd. Operation Mechanism: Door Coupling Rotary Handle or Direct Handle.
sim13.jpg   Siemens Switchgear 3KL-(upto-125A)
Yueqing City Ouwei Electric Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of electrical items and relevant electric accessories, and Ouwei Electric has more than 30 affiliates and over 50 cooperative factories, at present, our products are mainly including Metal enclosure, distribution boxes, junction boxes, switch boxes, neutral brass bar, water-proof switch.
sim14.jpg   Siemens Switchgear 3RT
We supply all kind of Circuit Breaker, Capacitor, Instruments & Meters, Indicator And Pushbutton Switchs, Fuse, Converter, Power Supply, Time & Counter Relays, Temperature Indicating Controller,Cable and wire.
sim15.jpg   Siemens Switchgear 3RT
3 Pole Contactor: 3RT10 Series, 3kW– 250kW, rated at AC2/3 @ 415V. 3 Pole Vacuum Contactor: 3RT12 (110kW–250kW), 3TF68, 69 (335kW-450kW), AC3 @ 415V
sim16.jpg   Siemens Switchgear powerguard 3KA
primary and secondary MOV protection in conjunction with a Low-Q LC filter. In addition, the unit also provides filtering of the line harmonics, noise and RF transmitters with a cut-off frequency of <10kHz and a nominal attenuation of 45dB
sim17.jpg   Simocode DP
SIMOCODE-DP is a tried and tested system: Increasingly, the communicationscapable SIMOCODE-DP 3UF5 motor protection and control device is being successfully used worldwide in lowvoltage switchgear systems.
sim18.jpg   Soft Starters
SIKOSTART 3RW24 digital electronic motor controllers (SOFTDRIVE) are multifunctional electronic system to provide smooth acceleration, eceleration and a controlled level of starting current for use with three phase asynchronous motors.
sim19.jpg   The low voltage AC motors offered by Siemens cover a performance range from 0.09 to 4000 kW. These AC motor systems are highly efficient with a positive energy balance and are available with explosion protection to meet high standards.