Core Team

Sanjay Sane : Marketing , Overall Execution / Exports - Business experience - since 1989
Sanjay has over 24 years of experience comprising of automation and commercial software development. He began his career with a system integrator and has provided path-breaking solutions for automation problems. A good administrator and intelligent design engineer has worked hard to achieve number one position as system house in Mumbai territory. He is Bachelors in Electricals, from VJTI Mumbai.
Roshan Sane : Procurement / Taxation / HRD and Admin - Business Experience - since 1991
Roshan is basically an engineer and an entrepreneur. At CAPPL she is handling the most important portfolio of procurement and administration. Another area of taxation and HRD is also handled by her. Roshan’s valuable suggestions and views have always helped CAPPL in improving the quality and quickness of service.