Steel & Metal

  • Blast Furnace Automation with S7-400H & WinCC
  • Boiler BMS Up gradation
  • Jetty Automation Material handling right from jetty to plant (covering around 1.5 kms of conveyors) is totally automated with SIMATIC S7 300R system.
  • Water System for EAF S7-400R
  • Caster 1 PLC revamp S5 to S7 with S7-400 (CPU 417) for Instrument PLC and Drive PLC. Inter communication between both PLCs and communication to Level 2 over Ethernet.
  • Caster 1 VFD revamp of old SIEMENS Master Drives to latest SIEMENS SINAMICS S-120 with energy saving.
  • LCP revamp S5 to S7 with S7 400 system, on line changeover with short shut down of 1 shift only.
  • GCP & Utility revamp S5 to S7 with S7 400 system and inter communication over Fiber Optic. Also communication with Level 2 on Ethernet.
  • EAF Revamp S5 to S7 with 4 numbers of S7-400 PLCs and 10 numbers of WIN CC SCADA and connectivity to Level 2 system. Following areas are covered under this project :
    Shell 1 & 2
    Top Lance
    Material Handling
  • Sinter Plant expansion PCS7, Existing PCS7 system was added with more functions and I/Os to cater to plant requirements.
  • Caster COROS to WIN CC
  • I O B P (Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant) automation S7 300
  • Injection Coke S7-300

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