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DCS system successfully installed in running plant by upgrading SIMATIC S5 to PCS 7(top end system 417H, Hot Stand-by) Oil and Gas logistics company in Mumbai with multiple ES OS stations. First ever application of PCS7 in Oil & Gas sector.

Up gradation from S5 to PCS7

Originally the system was commissioned with SIMATIC S5 -155U and GRAVO (visualization) way back in 1996-97. Though customer never faced any problem with S5 system, they decided to switch over to PCS7 on following grounds :
To overcome the problem of obsolesce of S5 and its spare parts.
To provide connectivity to their other areas like

  • Communication from Gas Terminal to Liquid Terminal (200Mtrs)
  • Communication from Gas Terminal to Sea Lord Terminal (Remotely located at 2 KMs and connected through Fiber Optic)
Connectivity to SAP system
Data Access through Web Server all over the world through Internet.

The Solution provided by CAPPL
  • PCS7 – 417 H was employed to handle the process I/O’s at Gas Terminal.
  • SIMATIC S7-300 system used for Liquid Terminal & one more S7-300 used at SEALORD Containers (2KMs away) . All the networking was done on Fiber Optic.
  • 4 number OS station (each with dual monitor) connected over PROFINET and 1 number ES+OS station was made available near to the main PCS system.
  • Connectivity to office network was achieved through Ethernet Switches. SAP Server gets connected over the network to get the required data. Reporting package is based on Visual Basic.

  • How this was Achieved…
  • All the programs and data was collected and proper planning and basic framework(programming) was carried out at our end which took almost 1 ½ months.
  • The site activities went on for another 1 ½ months which included :
    - Simulation of each and every interlock at site for PCS7
    - Correction and modification of PCS7 screens
  • Firstly GAS Terminal was switched over, using S5-S7 adaptors hence no new wiring was required. PCS7 was functional within just 2 hours. This means the switch over and shut down was only for 2 hours which may be a record in itself.
  • After the success of GAS Terminal, the other two sections Liquid terminal & Sea Lord were also connected to PCS7 within given time frame.
  • 45 mass flow meters already connected to PCS 7 over MODBUS and 55 more shall be added in near future. The communication is READ and WRITE type.

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