Our Achievements

  • Automation Packages including PLC, VFD & MCC for Foundry & Mixer application s (S7-300, MM440/G120). Almost 42 mixers and 8 Sand Plants running all over India & China.
  • Switzerland a US based Internationally stock listed company is our biggest customer for Export. Exported panels for India, Saudi Arabia & Russia.
  • Successfully completed task of supplying application software & commissioning in UK for 180 systems.
  • Supplied 46 numbers of complete Automation Packages right from making to packing of World’s largest biscuits manufacturing company with 60,000 tonnes per month for plants situated all over India
  • Supplied Automation Packages right from making to packing for Tooth Paste manufacturing plants in India & outside India.
  • Multiple PLC based Automation Systems for Compressors Control in various applications. Some of the main customers MSEB , BPCL : PLC with Flameproof (Purge Panels)
  • Supplied Automation packages for manufacturing of pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceutical products as well as Utility Management, Energy Management.
  • Supplied DCS, PCS7 for paint manufacturing company. Configuration of F, FH & Fail Safe I/Os of SIL3 level for the first time in INDIA
  • Complete Chilling package(Sub Zero Temperature) for storage system of Export Quality Royal Apples.
  • HVAC system and Compressor packages. Till date more than 300 systems supplied and commissioned.
  • DCS system supplied for Agglomeration Plant.
  • PLC based Automation for Glass manufacturing companies in India and abroad
  • DCS system successfully installed in running plant by upgrading SIMATIC S5 to PCS 7(top end system 417H, Hot Stand-by) Oil and Gas logistics company in Mumbai with multiple ES OS stations. First ever application of PCS7 in Oil & Gas sector.
  • Bell Furnaces for Columbia, Iran & India.
  • First ever order for “SOLAR Power Plant”. Includes S7-300R, Remote viewing through Web Navigator and Data Monitor.
  • EPC basis projects for mining application. Project involves DCS, PLC’s, Intelligent MCC’s, PCC’s, HT, LT, Electrification, cabling, cable laying, lighting & Civil work. , Total 7 plants completed in 2011-12.
    E & I project for Coke Plant. Supply of MCC’s, DCS (PCS 7 x 3) and total Instrumentation on wireless network.
  • Automation of process to manufacture perfumes with Zone1 rated remote ET200iSP I/O’s, Zone1 rated Thin Clients (first reference for SIEMENS worldwide) PLC 319PN/DP communicating with 60 SIMOCODES and 7 VFDs along with NOVAWIEGH weighing system over Profibus DP.
  • Drive System for a leading Paint manufacturing company in India with 512 x SINAMICS G120, 19 MCCs each of approx 8 meters (double front compartmentalized) and 12 stand alone panels.
  • Various Automations for leading Steel Plant which include – Jetty Conveying, IOBP, DG Power Plant, LCP Conversion, Sinter Plant Expansion (PCS7), Data Logger, Caster Coros to WIN CC, Utility System
    S5 to S7 conversion projects for a steel Industry. Covering CASTER, EAF –ARC, Material Handling, Shell 1 & 2, Top Lance, LCP Plant, GCP Plant, Utility etc.
  • Automation of Blow Moulding Machines. 115 such machines automated with PLC SIMATIC S7, VFD – MM440 & G 120 for their local consumption and export to various countries.
  • 35 SINAMICS S120 drives on common DC link with 4X 400 (414-2PN/DP) PLC system with SCADA for Continuous Caster system in India.

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