Company Profile

  • CAPPL was founded in 1989 and has a reputation for technical expertise and quality service.
  • System House of SIEMENS for past 23 years.
  • Global Solution Partner for Process Automation (PCS7) of SIEMENS AG.
  • CAPPL strives to gain knowledge by handling new applications and new technology.
  • CAPPL has good exposure in Export orders
  • CAPPL also has an EPC division which gives an edge to provide end to end solutions to customers.
  • TO growth 81.85% over last year (as per SIEMENS turn over figures)
Strengths & Assets
  • 30000 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing area.
  • 20000 Sq.Ft. Office area
  • 138 employees
  • Avarage age : 31.3 years
Some Facts
  • Turnover increase by 100% over last year.
  • Manpower increase by 75%
  • Space increase by 300%