Maintenance Contract

Maximum operating efficiency is now mandatory just to maintain financial competitiveness and corporate stability. Managers and operators striving for efficient operations thus turn to maintenance contracts to better cope with impending malfunctions and prevent these from happening.

Everyone wants to maximize their plant availability, minimize their downtimes and the associated breakdowns in production and also keep the costs of servicing as low as possible. You have definitely found the right partner because CAPPL helps you in fulfilling not just one, but also all of the above. All these are done by our state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel to assist you in producing favorable results.

Having a maintenance contract can help your company in fixing a budget in your maintenance costs thus reducing in ambiguity and resulting in better planning. Not only that, CAPPL will ensure that YOU have priority in our services. We know what is the most economical way to look after your systems. Therefore, we offer individual service packages for the servicing of individual machines and complete maintenance solutions. These packages can include inspection, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance work that are necessary and expedient for your specific needs.

Generally CAPPL provides maintenance contracts for PLC and Drive equipment that may include preventive corrective or emergency service but CAPPL can also provide you with a total solution for your plant maintenance needs. This means that CAPPL is able to maintain the whole plant, for you. Thus you deal with one competent partner CAPPL.

The maintenance contracts are usually on a yearly basis or depending on your needs. Customers will need to provide CAPPL with a list of system configurations to be covered under maintenance contract and the scope of services required. This is to enable CAPPL to provide the best package and price. Remember, your success is our victory.