Installation, Commissioning and Application Software Development

With our experience in installation, commissioning and application program development for a varied of industrial controllers.

Installation requires a thorough knowledge of the mechanical, electrical and environmental conditions of the site of installation. We help in installation by studying the site conditions and then suggesting the per-requisites for the installation thus avoiding problems that could crop up during commissioning or during production and thereby saving time and money.

Commissioning of Industrial controller is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. With, some type of industrial controllers it needs thorough knowledge of the type of operation to be performed and also in-depth knowledge of the controller itself.

Real time application software development calls for a thorough knowledge of Industries and type of application; its also calls for extreme vigilance and carefulness during development since it is real time and action takes place immediately and anything to be simulated takes place on the actual system without any opportunity for you to visualize before execution. Application software development has to be well optimized to keep cycle times as low as possible to meet time constraints of the application, loss of a few milliseconds per operation leads to a substantial reduction in the output rate.