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Welcome to Control Automation Projects Pvt. Ltd.

CAPPL is a group of highly focused individuals whose goal is to be the best provider of Industrial Automation based services in the industry. We achieve this goal by specializing exclusively in the management of CAPPL plans, by maintaining an obsession with quality, and through continuous innovation.

Specialization means providing quality services will be our only business. In our pursuit of absolute quality, we will maintain a quantitative means of measuring our progress towards this objective.

This system of measurement will be simple and straightforward so that our clients will always know where we stand in relationship to this goal. We believe that in the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few. In our efforts to remain continually innovative, we will maintain a beginner's mind.

As the CAPPL paradigm shifts, we will shift our perspectives to ensure that our services always meet or exceed the needs of our clients.

As one of the leading system integrators of SIEMENS Ltd., CAPPL has established a very good reputation on either sides, customers as well as principles. With due support from SIEMENS on technical platforms and our own expert technical skills to execute, we have achieved a land mark and that is ‘customer satisfaction’. 

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